Why Institute for Public Administration?

Institute’s (IPA) core activities are public servants and officers education and trainings (accredited by the Ministry of the Interior), workshops for mayors and representatives, individual courses, seminars and conferences; strategic or planning documents preparation, development strategic documents preparation; budget and economic outlook, plan or analysis preparation, public policy analysis; consultancy (grants, marketing, law etc…). IPA also aims at international cooperation and projects within Europe or overseas. IPA target groups are municipalities and associations of municipalities, regions and central government and relevant ministries.

We emphasize also the best practice collecting and sharing as we know it is highly desirable from the administrative and representative staff from different institutions of public administration and thus we are continuously developing network of cooperating partners (municipalities, regions, universities, associations etc.) through variety of events and actions (conferences, workshops, projects etc.).

Why cooperate with us?

  • image, quality and years of experience
  • innovation based on research at the university
  • professional approach and academic environment of prestigious Masaryk University
  • expanding network of contacts and partners
  • time and functional flexibility
  • willingness and helpfulness
  • reasonable price

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