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Welcome to the website of the Institute for Public Administration (IPA). IPA was founded in 2003 and it is essential part of the Department of Public Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University. IPA realizes or contributes to the realization of many activities concerning science and research, but the main aim is always to apply the obtained results into practice. In addition, the Institute tries to connect the university sector with public administration sector, while solving problems and key issues. That is why IPA’s motto is “connect and innovate”. It means that the Institute helps people that are involved to understand the current and future conditions in public sector, it brings innovative ideas and it tries to gather and share good practice within the subjects and finally it creates the space for potential cooperation in the development and experience exchange. Those who are involved in the Institute’s activities come from the academic sphere, public administration sector, as well as from non-profit or private sector.

The Institute for Public Administration is engaged in a number of professional activities, for example:

  • accredited educational training for officials
  • strategic, conceptual and planning documents
  • individual and specialized analyzes, studies and expertise
  • preparation and organizing conferences and workshops for representatives of public sector
  • individual consultancy (finance, grants, marketing, law, …)
  • other types of activities based on individual approach

If you are interested in any cooperation with us, please contact us.


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