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In this section you can find various information and impartial recommendation resulting from the IPA’s work: relevant research activities conducted at Faculty of Economics and Administration, MU as well as valuable experience of our partners, which we try to link with our knowledge in research and subsequent application. Knowledge, experience and findings gained through this unique connection lead to constant development and innovation, which we aim to share with all involved partners. If you would like to find out more or even to participate in this unique connection and collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Research and application
In the area of local self-governance, IPA in cooperation with various faculty´s institutes conducts not just research, but publication activities as well. Moreover, it organizes conferences, seminars, workshops which all focuse on the issue of municipal and regional development, carries out the programming, conceptual and strategic documents as well as analysis and consultations according to the requirements of local governments.

Investment and savings

Good practice
Not only private companies, but municipalities and non-profit organizations as well are trying their best to streamline and improve their own operations, make the best use of their time and financial resources. A lot of problems that many municipalities and regions are facing to, require innovative, original and effective solutions. Therefore the cooperation between these subjects is very important as well as sharing of good practice. Knowledge and experience of one subject may lead to more effective functioning of its partners. This webpage should help all subjects (municipalities, microregions, non-profit organizations, …) in their effort to share examples of good practice, as it may positively affect the development of communities, regions and other institutions, and consequently it can lead to good image. IPA’s main aim is to deepen this positive cooperation between individual subjects and what is more IPA tries to increase the motivation to continual improvement of those subjects.

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