CityLab is a unique project realized at the Faculty of Economics and Administration with support of the Institute for Public Administration. This project has been launched in the begging of 2014 and it is intended for all students from Masaryk University who are interested in:

-          learning more about public and local administration,

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-          developing their skills and knowledge in this field,

-          participating in realization of interesting projects,

-          meeting with experts and practitioners,

-          gaining experience for their future job.

CityLab seminars are attended by students of different classes and different faculties. Currently there are 17 students involved in this project, but CityLab is an “open“ group, so motivated and hardworking students can join it at any time.

What are the CityLab activities?

In 2014, there were many workshops and seminars organized in collaboration with experts and practitioners. Some of the topics of seminars are mentioned below:

-          Financial management of cities,

-          Project management of small projects concerning public administration,

-          Theoretical and practical aspects of city property management,

-          Soft-skills: Developing presentation skills in the field of public administration,

-          Soft-skills: Time-management in public administration,

-          Administrative law and judicial review.

In addition, most of the participants of CityLAB also significantly contributed to the implementation of the international project “Development of regions through innovation”. Thanks to this project, students had the opportunity not only to expand their knowledge in the field of cooperation in municipal sector, but also to develop their skills while writing and presenting their projects at the final conference and gain the feedback from public administration and local government representatives.


If you want to learn more about the CityLab project, do not hesitate to contact us.

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